Midnight Performance Body Hanging Kit

  • $235.00
  • Save $200

           Make hanging your new body easier this off season with new air tools from Midnight Performance. MP is proud to offer a Zipp Body hanging kit. Each kit comes with a Pneumatic Riveter, Low Vibration Mini saw, and a Zipp industrial strength air drill. Zipp tools are industrial grade quality while being both affordable as well as rebuild-able. Pass these tools on to future racers.

The Zipp Riveter will pull rivets up to 3/16" Steel. (Comes with 4 nose sizes)

The Zipp Saw is a mini Low vibration saw with a 10mm Stroke (fiberglass & Sheet metal)

The Zipp Drill is a industrial 700 RPM reversible drill.

Zipp tools come with a One Year warranty. 90-100 PSI max operating pressure required

Sale good until February 1st 2019.