Collapsible Sterring Column

Collapsible Sterring Column

  • $195.95

Collapsible Steering Column


The splined inner inner shaft telescopes inside the outer column, which is designed to allow 10" of telescopic movement inside the column


Collapsible steering column is adjustable from 23" to 29-1/4"


Quick release hub adds an additional 2” to the overall length


O.D. of the main body is 1.125"


O.D. of the bottom shaft is .750 and 20 spline


O.D. of the main hub sleeve is 2.525”


O.D. of the hub sleeve flange is 3.17”


Centerline of column to end of threads on ¾” heim mount is 3”


Rod end mount is adjustable forward/rearward to suit driver's mounting requirements


Includes black anodized steering wheel quick disconnect and 3/4" mounting rod end